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Government consultation is now live, they basically want to extend badger culling indefinitely and with no maximum numbers killed. 

Badger Trust and Wild Justice issue statement on Defra badger cull consultation >

Actions to take now: 


More information coming soon. Keep an eye on our social media accounts and Badger Trust website for more updates. 

April 2024 Cull News

Over 210,000 badgers have been killed since the current badger cull began in England in 2013. Badgers are killed in their thousands from Cornwall to Cumbria under misguided and fundamentally flawed attempts to control bovine Tuberculosis (bTB), an infectious respiratory disease which affects cattle.

Badgers are not the problem

Bovine TB is always present in the environment and can affect or be carried harmlessly by many species – livestock and wildlife alike. Yet the government has focused on badgers, even though 94% of cattle infections are from cow to cow. Many in the farming community wrongly believe that badgers are a significant vector in the spread of the disease. For many years, independent scientists, vets, researchers, as well as Badger Trust, have rightly challenged this claim.

Visit Badger Trust Website or full up to date cull information. 


Northamptonshire cull company WNHH Ltd was granted a badger cull licence in 2022.  This was for 4 years of intense culling.  This normally starts in September each year for a period of 6-8 weeks (until kill targets are met). 


We operate legal, peaceful night patrols, walking public footpaths at night in the cull zone.  A patrollers presence prevents shots being taken at badgers.  It is a legal way, supported by the police, to save the lives of badgers. 

The Northamptonshire cull zone is vast so we need more patrollers.  Full training, advice and support given.  The more patrollers we have, the more lives we save! 

Police Guidance for Patrollers (Operation Cobb) >

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Urgent Fuel Fundraiser

Please help with fuel costs & supplies for night patrollers. 

Night patrols on footpaths save badgers lives! 

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Northamptonshire Cull 2022 (Year 1)

Cull company set up for Northamptonshire 

The cull arrived in Northants in September 2022


Cull cage trapper training took place in June at Seawell Grounds in Blakesley.  This is owned by cull director Simon Berner. 

Cull links to Grafton Hunt

Who cull directors have string links to the Grafton Hunt.  Simon Berner's wife is a master and Anthony Bonner's sife used to be a master.  They are all strong supporters of the hunt.  The cull will be taking place across Grafton Hunt territory. 



Any donation you feel you are able to make will be put towards ensuring that badgers continue to thrive in Northamptonshire.

Archive information about the cull

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