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Archived Cull Information 

In September 2020, DEFRA announced the continuation and expansion of the badger cull across England. 11 new cull zones were confirmed, including the low bovine TB risk county of Lincolnshire. Over 62,000 badgers are scheduled for death in 2020 alone. This means between 2013 and 2020 the total number of badgers killed as a result of the cull could reach over 164,000.

Despite the Government’s recent commitment to phase out badger culling in favour of badger and cattle bovine TB vaccination, the cull continues and is bigger than ever. It’s a major betrayal of public trust. And that’s not all – by the end of 2020 we estimate the cost of the cull policy will reach £70 million, with every taxpayer in the UK having no choice but to fund this budget. 

At the Badger Trust we have openly opposed the cull since its inception; fighting legal battles, calling for scientific research and supporting groups on the ground.  Our stance has always been clear and remains the following:

  1. Badgers are not to blame: Badgers have been used as a scapegoat and demonised in the media despite the lack of scientific evidence.

  2. The science doesn’t support the culls: Independent experts and the Government’s own research does not support the culls as an effective strategy against bovine TB.

  3. Cattle should be the primary focus: Cattle are the main carriers and transmitters for bovine TB and we feel that the bovine TB strategy should focus more on cattle and less on badgers

Information above from The Badger Trust

April 2021

You may be aware that Defra has set out a ‘Call For Views’ on additional measures to help tackle bovine tuberculosis (bTB) in cattle in England. This is alongside their recent consultation on proposals to eradicate the disease (which closed on 24th March 2021).

The options put forward by Defra and requests for other suggestions are focused on cattle measures. Badger Trust has always believed that cattle measures are the answer to solving the bTB situation, and that badgers are no more than a costly distraction to the main issue, cattle-to-cattle transmission. 

Badger Trust does not believe that options suggested in the ‘Call for Views’ go far enough, or that they place the emphasis correctly in order to be effective. 

Please join us in responding to this ‘Call For Views’ and share it with your followers and supporters, encouraging them to respond too, so that we can clearly show the Government our concerns on this important issue.

We urge you to respond for your badger or wildlife group and as an individual too, as individual responses carry much greater weight.

Please click on the Badger Trust Guidance link below for helpful advice on how to respond to the consultation. 

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